Wiseman Wednesday

With all the travelling, diving and interaction with people I get to do every day, I see, hear and experience things that most people have no idea ever happen.
So I’ve decided to write them down and post them every Wednesday for your entertainment.

Important things that I should teach people:

We went for two fun 100 min dives with Blue ocean in Umkomaas over the weekend, and with water temps at 24’c breathing nitrox, 100 mins can take a lot out of you. One of the things we lose at a massive rate underwater, is water. While we dive, we dehydrate quite quickly, so it is important to drink  lots of AquaVita before a dive.  I once did a quick test where I weighed myself before an 18 meter, 55 min dive and again right after the dive. I lost 3 kg during that dive (no, no, no its not a weight loss trick). This is actually very bad for you as it is all water loss. While diving, you breathe in dry air and you exhale moist air. You sweat in your wetsuit, and you wee in your wetsuit – all contributing to loss of water and ultimately dehydration. Tiredness and headaches are symptoms of dehydration and is what a lot of divers experience after a dive.

Back to the point of water in water: Bennie has done just over 70 dives but never one of 100 min, so he never had the need to wee in his wetsuit as he could hold it in (I can only go for 5 min before I let go).  But Bennie’s response to his first ever dive with a wee was amazing: “Dawie, if you had told me sooner how nice and warm it is, I would have done it a long time ago!” Just there I realised we all use it as an instant heat-relief when we are cold but as instructors, we never teach people that, we just joke about it. Read more about hydration, here. 

Conclusion: Drink at least 3 L of water shortly before a dive – it will keep you hydrated and warm at the same time.

Life Lesson I learned this week:

Regulators are not like woman.

PADI University Program Channel Islands Shoot March 24-29, 2007


Returning from our, trip we were washing gear and I told Kino to make sure all the dust caps were screwed on properly on all the regulators before washing them. I looked at the regulators and saw one without a dust cap. “What? Kino don’t you love all the regulators the same way – why does one get a dust cap and one does not?”

“Well, Dawie, my regulators are like my girlfriends – I only love one. The others, I only use.”

No, Kino. Regulators are not like woman, you have to love all of them.