Wiseman Wednesday

spare parts4941This week I realized no matter how well you plan you life, no matter what you think you gonna do, it will change in the blink of an eye. Traveling on the N4 from Rustenburg to miracle on Sunday we passed the Marikana/ Suncity offramp. We knew something is wrong and the commotion in the road is no good at all, unlike a dive where you have full control, where you can plan every step and execute every step here on the road you have no control what so ever. You paid your toll fees, you paid your taxes but a man running towards your car with a stone the size of a brick in his hand, you traveling at 110km/h, and then you see how he puts all his weight behind it and through it at your windscreen as hard as he can. That split second to respond swerve and have it hit the side of your car, and only a few minutes later do you realize if that rock left his hand a split second earlier it would  have come straight through the windscreen and hit you right in your face.

Please be safe out there, please keep your eyes on the road, and everything happening around you.

Back to diving.

spare parts3644I got a phone call on Monday morning from someone asking me for prices to service a regulator and with a shock I realised it should be one of the main concerns when you consider buying your own gear. Lets forget about the labour charges as it will be the same for any brand but the parts are what you need to look at.

Here are the prices of the service kits for each brand when you service a octo, second stage and first stage:

  • Tusa R860
  • Mares R985
  • Scuba Pro R550
  • Hollis R660
  • Apex R609
  • Oceanic R655
  • Cressi R650
  • Poseidon R1689