Why Cyanea?

Hi Divers of the internet and welcome to another #TheGekoBlog. My name is Jay and if you have ever been to our shop you would have probably noticed the wall of masks we offer. However, sometimes there would be an empty space or two on the wall. Why? Well that is where we display our AERIS Cyanea masks and the reason they are empty is because they are always the one our customers walk out with. So today I will be explaining a lot more about why the Cyanea mask is the best selling mask at the moment and give you my personal opinion about the mask.

The first thing I noticed about the Cyanea mask was the strap of the mask which is similar to a ski mask strap. Attached to the strap, the designers placed a snorkel attachment at an angle to ensure comfortability and eliminates the feeling of the snorkel pulling itself out your mouth. Secondly, I noticed the wide angle lens which is also aimed more at a downward angle to ensure a wider view of vision and enhances the peripheral vision which makes it easier to see necessary clips and helps people that feel claustrophobic underwater. When I put the mask on my face, I felt the super-soft silicon edge of the mask which stuck to my face with the smallest inhalation through my nose. The big bonus about the silicon edge is that the mask still seals around your face even if you have a lot of facial hear. It fits 99% of the people and it feels comfortable too! Furthermore, I realised that the soft silicon adjusted to my facial expressions, meaning that if I were laughing underwater, no water would seep into the mask! Lastly I noticed the super clear vision I had underwater, this is due to the UV-free and Chlorine-free layer that is protected by a plastic film that is burnt away before leaving the shop.

Overall, the mask is of great design that is thought of carefully by the Aeris team! I personally tested the mask and soon after, replaced my old mask. The ski band strap slides over my hood very easily and is adjusted by the just an up and down movement of the clip. The mask sealed around my face very easily, even though I have a little bit of facial hair. Underwater, I found it a lot easier to clear my mask due to the softness of the silicon and left me with no blue marks around my face. I also realised I could finally see where my reel sits and how much pressure there was in my cylinders! The enhanced peripheral vision enabled me to look up at the surface and back at the reef without straining my neck.

The Aeris Cyanea mask comes in one size, however, is very easily adjustable by just sliding the clip up or down. The mask comes in different colours such as white, black, green, red and grey. The Cyanea is the perfect mask to ensure a good view of either the reef, or your students. And you can get yours for the price of R1400! Just walk into our shop and enquire about the Cyanea mask today.

And there we have the Cyanea mask and hopefully now you will understand a bit more about why the Cyanea mask is the most common mask sold in our shop. We, however, do offer a wider variety of masks including: Hollis, Mares and the Oceanic Full-face mask (More info coming soon!). Be sure to check out our Instagram @Gekodivers and our Facebook page “Geko Divers” for more information on upcoming events and products!

Instructor Jay, Over and Out.

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