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Hi Divers of the internet, my name is Jay for those who don’t know me and I am a full-time PADI instructor working under the command of Dawie Duik or how most of his apprentices call him, Poseidon. Daily, I will be giving you guys a bit more information about the diving industry and about ourselves, Geko Divers. Furthermore, I will be sharing personal experiences of my internship here at Geko Divers and keep you guys updated with any upcoming events and/or products we will be offering.

As you may have seen or heard before, I am Jay Williams and I am currently 19 years of age and working full-time as a PADI instructor at Geko Divers. I am currently qualified as a PADI instructor and soon-to-be a Tec40 diver. I have been working at Geko for almost 7 months and, personally, I must say it has been the second most educational experience I have had in my life, apart from Physical Education ofcourse… (just joking).

Here at Geko Divers we love what we do, and we do what we love, which is breathing underwater. Therefore, we have created the opportunity to teach the rest of the world how to do the same! And for those who want to become like us, we have a PADI Career Development Program where you will learn everything from filling cylinders to servicing & selling equipment and how you can teach others to breathe underwater too! (Read ‘IDC through the eyes of Jay”). We as Geko Divers, have developed a lifetime love and passion for diving underwater and some of us have even changed our lives because of what we do.

Geko Divers is a five-star PADI Career Development Centre (that is a mouthful). We also have our own shop where you can walk in and inquire about an exceptionally wide range of products and courses and the possibility to let your current gear be serviced or repaired. As mentioned before we love what we do and with that, you can be guaranteed we will love you too… Our employees are always on standby, eagerly waiting to help the next customer. We will go out of our way to make our happy divers, the happiest divers! Don’t believe us? Come in and see for yourself!

For now, I have given you a little introduction about myself and Geko Divers. Over the course you will start to get to know us, Geko Divers, a lot better individually and what we do here at Geko Divers that makes our divers come back. Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think, and head over to our instagram page @Gekodivers and our Facebook page “Geko Divers”.

Instructor Jay, over and out.

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