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Why should you join us on the next  EFR and rescue course? When you doing your PADI Open Water and advanced course you are thought how to take care of yourself,to be safe in your surroundings and to care for the reef, but with the rescue course you are thought how to take care of yourself and […]


The Secret To Neutral Buoyancy Underwater For Scuba Divers There is no denying that Peak Performance Buoyancy control separates the dive paddlers from the pros. When all the big talk is over and the water closes over your head, there is nothing that pulls the whole scuba diving thing together like perfect buoyancy control. The […]

Sidemount Diving is Also Recreational

By Bennie Steenkamp Facebook | Twitter I was visiting my favourite dive shop the other day and I noticed PADI has finally released some theory material relating to its sidemount certification. As I picked up the book, I noticed the Tec configurations of the divers on the front cover. The book also started off talking […]