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cam mask

 1 x Camera mask R500


1 x Dolphin Boots Size 7. R200


2 x Tusa Boots Size 7. R300

IMG_34901 x Mares Boots Size 5. R300

IMG_34921 x Grippa Boots Size 4. R100

IMG_34931 x Ocean Pro boots Size 6. R250

IMG_34951 x Ocean Pro Neo Classic Size 7. R500

IMG_34961 x Ocean Pro Size 12. R250

IMG_34971 x Cressi Ultraspan Size Large. R450

IMG_34916 x IST Gear Hangers. R150

IMG_34985 x Tovatec 300 Lumen Torch Waterproof to 100m. R1200

IMG_34995 x Tovatec 200 Lumen Torch Waterproof to 100m. R1200

Rechargeable Battery

IMG_35001 x Tusa Powerview Mask Clear/Blue. R100

IMG_35011 x Tusa Splendive II Mask Clear/Blue. R100

IMG_35021 x Divetek Frameless Mask Clear. R200

IMG_35031 x Mares Kona Mask Clear/Turquoise . R100

IMG_35091 x Cressi F1 Mask Brown. R950

IMG_35081 x Cressi F1 Mask Green. R950

IMG_35071 x Cressi F1 Mask Yellow. R950

IMG_35042 x Tusa Splendive II Mask  Clear/Black. R100

IMG_35051 x Cressi Mask Black. R100IMG_35061 x Oceanic Mini Shadow Mask Black. R950


1 x ScubaPro Jetsport Size: Extra Small Black. R950IMG_35111 x ScubaPro Jetsport Size: Extra Small Blue. R950


1 x Aqualung X-shot Size: Large Black. R850

IMG_35131 x Cressi Master Frog Size: Extra Large. R500