Single or double lenses?

What type of mask do you prefer? Single lense mask or double pane mask? Why do you prefer this type of mask?

It differs from person to person, from diver to diver. As for me I prefer a single lense mask because it feels like I see more with the single lense. When I dive with a double pane mask it feels constantly as if there is a piece of view that I don’t see, it feels as if I keep on looking into the bridge of the mask. In my opinion with a single lense mask you have a bigger peripheral view because there is not that piece in the middle of my eyes that keeps on taking my attention away from the beautiful scenery around me. Down below I describe the benefits of each type of mask. I can’t say which type of mask is the best, but I can give the benefits of each and then you can decide yourself which type of mask is best for you.


The descendant of the oval frogman mask we all remember from old movies, modern single lens/pane scuba masks have almost nothing in common with their vintage counterparts.

For one thing they don’t make you look like some big goggle eyed Cyclops. Hey, fashion is important.

Modern masks have silicon skirts to help fit better, as well a low profile design to bring the pane closer to the face and provide a wider range of vision.

Because the pane is all one piece this type of mask can’t be outfitted as a prescription scuba mask.

Like for instance the Aqua Lung Reveal X1


This is probably the most common type of mask around.

This scuba diving mask has a very low profile providing a wider range of vision almost as wide as the single pane mask. The low profile also makes it easier to equalise at depth, as well as reduce mask ‘squeeze’.

If you wear glasses a double pane mask can be outfitted as a prescription dive mask.

Some divers do complain about the mask sitting between the eyes, but most see past that and after a bit, don’t even notice that it’s there.

Like for instance the Aqua Lung Reveal X2


So what type of mask do you prefer and why do you prefer this type of mask?

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