Sidemount: It’s Natural

Student see, Student do.

So today I was lucky enough to do PADI Open Water Course pool sessions for two guys.

I got into the whole single cylinder thing with a normal mask and regulator with octo by showing them how to kit up and check all their gear. Keeping in mind that I’ve done countless hours of Sidemount & Full Face Mask dives during the last couple of months, it took some getting used to. Students learn what the master has, well almost, forgotten. We got in the water, did all the skills from pool session 1, and all went well. I was impressed with their progress.

We put on our fins, lied down and started to swim. What I didn’t realise at the time, is that I was doing the good old fashion Sidemount trim and perfect (if I may say so myself) Sidemount kick cycle.

When we started to descend below 1.5m, I looked behind me to check that they both equalised ok, and what do I see?


Two perfectly trimmed students, knees bent and locked in, fins up, arms locked in front, and finning like they are side-mounting deep inside a cave.


Just shows you, Sidemount comes natural even to beginners.