The Secret To Neutral Buoyancy Underwater For Scuba Divers

There is no denying that Peak Performance Buoyancy control separates the dive paddlers from the pros. When all the big talk is over and the water closes over your head, there is nothing that pulls the whole scuba diving thing together like perfect buoyancy control. The secret is pinpoint buoyancy control, and it all begins with fine-tuning your weighting – that’s how much lead you thread on your belt or put into your BCD integrated weights. If you are carrying just the right amount of weight, you will have the smallest amount of BC inflation. That means less drag and more efficient fining. Less BC inflation, also means less buoyancy shift with depth, so you’ll make fewer adjustments. There are many tricks but pinpoint buoyancy control is the fundamental skill. Precise control of your buoyancy is what enables you to hover completely motionless and fin through the water, at any depth, without using your hands at all. Its sounds easy, so why isn’t it ?


In fact, pinpoint buoyancy control requires getting more than one thing right. The facts that affect your buoyancy besides ballast weight are BC inflation, your trim, exposure suit, depth and breath control. Your ballast weight and your trim are the only two factors that once you’ve selected them, stay put. All the others are variables, changing during the dive along with time or depth or both. Some you can control, some you cant. Here is our advice for getting perfect buoyancy, so you can enjoy your time underwater. I learnt all this by taking the PADI PEAK PERFORMANCE BUOYANCY COURSE, which teaches precise buoyancy control, streamlining, weight and trim adjustment, equipment configuration options and relaxation techniques.



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