Once you go Sidemount, You never go back!

Hi Divers of the Internet, my name is Jay and welcome to another #TheGekoBlog. As many of you have probably seen, we name our Sundays, #SidemountSundays. This is because on Sundays we like to take out our own Geko’s and go on a fun dive at either Miracle Waters or De Jong swimming pool to fine-tune our skills underwater and keep our diving skills up to perfection. The divers that have their Sidemount qualification will, of course, dive on Sidemount!

So why do we love diving on Sidemount? Well, thats simple, perfect buoyancy is addictive! We don’t worry about our weight belts, the two steel cylinders by your side compensate for the weight needed. For example, I use two weights for if I were to dive back mount, however, when I dive Sidemount, I am actually slightly overweighted. If you are slightly overweighted on Sidemount, it is usually not much of an issue since your Sidemount Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) is designed to inflate much more effective then on your back mount BCD. This is because the back mount BCD and the Sidemount BCD have different types of Bladders which hold the air inside of the BCD. Usually you will find a dual bladder BCD when looking for Sidemount BCD’s, such as the XDEEP Stealth (We stock). Furthermore, Sidemount gives you the ability to stay underwater for much longer since you now have two cylinders! So now you have the ability to dive with a perfect buoyancy AND for much longer than usual! (Does that not sound amazing?)

We offer Sidemount courses and Sidemount equipment (such as the XDEEP STEALTH), that have been carefully picked to give you the best Sidemount experience! Come and walk into our shop and enquire about our Sidemount courses, and our high quality equipment, today! Until then, make sure to check out our Instagram page @Gekodivers and our Facebook page “Geko Divers” for any upcoming events, news, products, etc!

Instructor Jay, Over and Out.

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