Learning Scuba: Get Individual Attention

Learning to Scuba Dive can easily be one of the best things you’ll do in life. Not only will you learn how to breathe under water, but you’ll equip yourself with the skills needed to explore some of the most amazing under water spots in the world. Honestly, life will never be the same for you once you decide to take the plunge.

Generally speaking, most scuba schools and instructors earn their livelihood by teaching scuba courses, and due to this, the number of students they teach in any given month, dictates their income. So it follows that scuba schools and instructors want to teach as many students as possible, and in many cases you’ll end up doing your course with many (in some cases up to 12) other students!

We want you to really enjoy every dive you do, and in order to do so, we understand your need to feel safe, and to feel comfortable under water.

The problem with this “overpopulation” in a course, is that you end up not getting the attention you need. You have a question? Oh, so does 8 other students. You’re struggling with a particular skill? So does 10 other students. The instructor’s mind is in his course material, pushing through the course to get to the next skill, the one after that, and eventually, get everybody certified.

But here’s the thing: When you Scuba Dive, your life is in your hands and depends on the equipment you use. If you’re not as comfortable as you could possible be with all the required skills and your equipment, you’ll be anxious and you won’t enjoy the experience so much. If you don’t get to ask the questions you need, or get to practice your mask clearing skill a bazillion times until you’ve got it down, you’ll fear for the day that you’ll need to do it.


When (and it’s a big when, not if) you decide to do your scuba course, make sure that’ll you’ll be given enough attention. Make sure that you’ll get ample opportunity to practice your skills, even if it takes you 200 times to get it. Because at the end of the day, you’re paying the Scuba Centre or Instructor not for the certification card, but for the skills, the know-how and the sense of safety and comfort that comes with it.

At Geko Divers we believe very strongly in individual attention. We want you to really enjoy every dive you do, and in order to do so, we understand your need to feel safe, and to feel comfortable under water. This can only be accomplished through training by experienced instructors and practicing until you get it right, every single time.

We don’t push the numbers. We don’t send Certified Scuba Divers into the world that aren’t 100 percent ready. For us, it’s about setting you up to be a scuba diver for life. Someone that enjoys the lifestyle. A customer that will return again, and again.

Are you interested in Scuba Diving?
Do a PADI Discover Scuba Experience to try it out for the first time without committing to a course, or sign up for the PADI Open Water+ Course to get internationally certified, and do your qualifying dives in the ocean at Sodwana or Mozambique!

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