It’s all about the Dive

Lets start this with the PUNCH LINE

We bought another 8561 meticas worth of petrol drove 39.7KM straight into the ocean and dived into the Purple blue waters of the Benguela current onto a reef that no other human has ever dived before!


It all started back in Pretoria December 19 2014. The car was packed and the packing list included a @coltri compressor 12 Cyl 12 Regs 3 full face masks crates full of all the small things you need and lots of food.

The destination Inhassorro Mozambique, 1320 km away from pretoria. Goodies ready, passengers loaded and off we go!  We arrived at the border and 4 hours later we were in Xai-Xai for a quick sleep over, the next day we arrived at our destination Inhassorro, total travel time 39hours total time the engine was running 27hours.

On arrival we opened the doors of the minibus and was hit in the face with the heat and humidity of Moz. We came to the conclusion (before we melted) that it is probably better if we sat right down, wait for sundown and have a couple of beers before we offload. Got it all offloaded we setup the compressor checked all the Cylinders, build the last few regulators and then our holiday really begun.  The next morning we got up went for a dive off the beach just to make sure all the configurations is the way they should be. Needless to say we were surrounded by sea grass.


Then it was time to get unto the boat, again Moz Heat made us revert back to beers and a good siesta. Boat sorted out after the first one we arrange was no longer usable (its a mozambique thing) we were ready to go. Then we needed 100L of petrol for the boatat 53 meticas per litre and an exchange rate of R2.7 it only came to R2000 for the petrol for dive one.

We were off diving early the next morning to the well known 2mile reef south of bazaruto.  Unfortunately we were out of luck, the viz was no more than a meter and we drifted a kilometer in less than 10min. So we decided to head to another reef but soon realized that we did not have enough petrol to do that so turned back home. As we hit the beach to offload the boat Moz Heat hit and we had to drink some beers (again…yes you do a lot of that!). We relaxed and waited for the sun to go down and then offloaded followed by a quick top up of all the cylinders and we were good to go and try again. O but wait there is more…. we were out of petrol. Same drill but this time we buy 140L of petrol 7420 meticas later and we are ready for this. Got up nice and early to hit the water but the weather was not on our side and we had to stay for a day of siesta (we didnt have enough beer so back to Handeling (soos Mozambique se MAKRO) to buy a case of Manica. After a relaxing day lying in Hammocks on the beach we were ready for some real diving out to 25mile  at 4:30 in the morning exactly what the doctor ordered.

Enough about refreshments, petrol and Siesta….Lets focus a little bit more on 25 mile. This reef is 38Km straight line travel by compass on the boat from Inhasorro for about 2 hours and then you hit it spot on in the warm blue water of the bengueala current, where the fish has never seen a diver and sharks has got no idea what you are!  We did 2 amazing dives, viz 50M plus max depth 20Meters and avg depth of 15meters. The reef offered it all, small fish, big fish, sharks, bass, eel, name it we have seen it all. Full of excitement we wanted to do more but all 12Cylinders was empty! And the petrol (you guessed it) was just enough to get us home and we had to make sure we are back in time to work through a good siesta.


Then it was Christmas and we had to eat a perfect Christmas Seafood buffet at  a local Restaurant called Rosscha (Strongly recommended), lie around in the hammocks flew some kites have more siesta and enjoy Coctails. Christmas behind us we needed to dive more. We were lucky to get some new marks from some fisherman that claimed there is more, bigger and better reefs just off 25mile so we had to go check it out.

Guess what then? We bought another 8561 meticas worth of petrol drove 39.7KM straight out to see and dived into the Purple blue waters of the Benguela current onto a reef that no other human has ever dived. The fish life again was amazing the sharks were scared and the turtles must think we were the after product of  nuclear affected dolphins.

All and all one amazing holiday with amazing people in one amazing country and amazing reefs!