How it all started 


After matriculating in 2017, I decided to take a gap year, as I was unsure of a career path. I considered doing my Scuba Open Water course. I live near Geko Divers and always drive past them, wondering what they’re like. With this I decided to give them a visit to see what they are all about. When I visited the shop, I was kindly greeted by Anri, one of the dive instructors at Geko. She gave me a super relaxed vibe and was very easy to talk to. She explained how the course would work and encouraged me to go for it. I can easily say her kind attitude and passion for diving made me want to do it even more.

When I made up my mind a few days later, I started talking to Dawie, Geko Diver’s owner, over email. He was fast to reply with every email and very patient with the loads of questions I had! By the next day he had arranged for me to receive the online PADI study material. I quickly came to realise that at Geko there is no delay, they get things done. It took me about a week with working part-time to finish the studying and the final exam. Thanks to Geko, the process was very faster than I imagined and on Monday, 29th of January, I start my diving lessons.

I will be writing a blog about my adventure with Geko Divers every day, rotating between English and Afrikaans. I am super excited about what’s to come!

The main Geko’s:

The Owner Dawie:

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