IDC through the eyes of Jay πŸ‘€

After the completion of his IDC and IE, we asked Jay (one of our interns) to give us feedback on how he found it to be:

My IDC experience:

(Jay Williams)

Before the start of our Instructors Development Course (IDC), me and my fellow instructor candidate sat in the classroom here at Geko Divers every night for a week working on our basic instructor lectures. This was conducted by one of our staff instructors, Jan den Boef. During this week of our preparation we practiced our demonstration skills in the pool with all our instructors, who were training to become staff instructors. Throughout this week we received all our books, bags, materials and equipment that we required for the course. When I initially saw all the material, I was shocked and had silent thoughts of how we will be able to go through all the work in only 8 days.

When the official IDC started with our boss, Dawie Schlebusch, locally named, “Poseidon”, our attitude changed from being excited and happy to “we need sleep”. The amount of work that had to be done after our lectures had us working late nights. Just as we thought high school had finished, the books and pens appeared from our pencil cases just like before, just with a lot more effort and difficulty.

As the days passed, the confined and open water skill sessions started to become more fluent and we started to get a hang of the certain sequences and steps necessary to “master” the skills on a demonstration level. Initially, our lectures started as a catastrophe with marks we do not mention at this moment… However, 15 lectures and some guidance later, our first passing presentations started developing slowly. For us as candidates, this was a big step towards our final Instructors Evaluation (IE) and boosted our confidence.

After some chaotic and frustrating moments in the pool, we finally mastered the skills and broadened our knowledge about the dive industry and how different people learn in different ways as well as how to apply our knowledge to find these different teaching methods. Two days before our IE, we finalised our class lectures and aimed to perfect and fine-tune our lectures as well as skill demonstrations.

The day before, we could comfortably say that we were ready for what was to come. Looking back at how much work we were required to complete prior to this evaluation, we obtained a proud and confident attitude, which would benefit us enormously during the evaluation. We took the last night off to distract our minds and to relax a bit before the big day.

Well done to our newest instructor Jay, who passed his IE with ease!


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