After exploring the wonders of the underwater world for a while, you get a bit curious to see what lies below when you go even deeper! There are things mysterious and exciting that attracts us to the deep. This is especially handy if you would like to visit a specific destination- such as a deep wreck or reef. Having your Deep Specialty will enable you to go a little bit deep but to really safely dive to deep depths the next course on my list of course is TECH 40 baby.

Doing this course I got to discover wonders that few people get to see firsthand.

The lure of the deep.

There’s something exciting and mysterious about exploring deeper dive sites, while scuba diving. The reality is that most exciting dive sites are deeper than 18m (60ft) and some require an advanced certification just to dive there at all. Doing my Deep Dive Speciality opened up a whole host of future opportunities for me and helped me understand the effects of deep diving on my body, gear I use and the environment around me. I don’t need a reason to go on a deep dive, I need a reason NOT to go. But to convince you there is absolutely nothing like deep diving in this world  and that it’s absolutely the best thing there is; I’ve made a list of the best reasons to go deep diving. Remember its only a short list. Not because I couldn’t think of anything else to add but because there SO MANY reasons to go deep diving and I had to contain myself.

  • Its different everywhere you go, every time you go

You can dive in tropical waters all over the world, from the many beautiful spots in South-East Asia, to the Caribbean ocean in Middle America or to the famous Great Barrier Reef in Australia, but diving is not only for in the tropical oceans. Diving can be done in the ice cold waters in Antarctica, Iceland and even lakes in Austria. Every destination has some of the most amazing deep dive sites that bring their own charm and adventures, along with the different creatures you will find all over the world. Going deeper helps you discover new dive spots, see new things, gain experience and allows you to do different deep dive sites all around the world. NO DIVE IS THE SAME. Going deeper helps us discover the different parts of the underwater world which is a truly incredible experience and is completely different from normal diving and from earth as you know it.

  • It is the most peaceful place to be

Deep diving is a great way to get away from all the noise, the traffic and the troubles in the world. As soon as you descend into the waters you hear nothing but your own breathing underwater. No talking, No phones ringing, all communication goes via hand signals. When you are below the surface at depth you completely forget whats happening on land, and what keeps you busy. For that hour or so you are underwater, it is just you and your thoughts. Deep diving is the closest thing to flying for me. Hardly having to deal with gravity makes you feel like you’re weightless and flying into the blue.. and the deeper you fly the better.

You can even fly into the planes underwater
  • You gain much more experience and confidence

Diving down to 40 meters, teaches you to trust yourself and everything you have learnt. You gain extreme experience and confidence taking yourself down to the next level, where others are normally to scared to go. The deeper you go in Scuba Diving the more careful a diver has to be to ensure correct procedures for decompression, safety stops and deco stops are performed to prevent decompression sickness. A lot more can go wrong the deeper you go as the pressure builds up, equipment is under greater stress and there are other things that can affect a deep diver such as Nitrogen narcosis that divers need to be aware of to ensure a safe deep dive. When I did the Deep Diver Speciality course it helped me become more aware of the planning and dangers of deep diving and allowed me to dive at a depth safely.

  • You get to see what most people don’t, see a lot more

Deep diving introduces a whole new level of excitement as it can be exhilarating. The ability to safely dive at deeper depths opens up a whole new variety of dive sites to a recreational scuba diver. Many ship wrecks or interesting dive sites are the edges of recreational limits and can only be safely accessed by those divers who are knowledgeable and have experience diving at depth. You explore untouched sites, find new creatures and other big fish that only stay at deep depths.The deep diver specialty course allows you to see more of the underwater world, it is expected that 60 to 80 percent of species in the worlds oceans still remain undiscovered.Experiencing this course is one of the proudest thing to achieve in diving and gives us a chance to discover, what others still have not. After completing my Deep Diver Specialty Course I wanted nothing more to be able to go Deeper for longer and that is  why this week I have started one of the most comfortable, thrilling and excited course yet, my SIDEMOUNT COURSE , with Dawie Duik at Geko Divers , this course is not only gonna give me the chance to explore more. for longer, teach me how to handle any situation but it will expand my experience and allow me to be the best diver I can be with comfort.



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