#GekoFit: Squats and Jumping Squats

Squats and Jumping Squats to Strengthen Legs for Diving

When exercising the legs to keep them strong for scuba diving it is important to develop  muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.  The legs must be versatile for diving activities which place unique demands on the body.  Most leg exercises train more than one muscle group with each movement.

Squats and jumping squats have various benefits that will aid in strengthening the legs to improve your diving experience.

The benefits of squats:

Increased Hormone Release
Enhanced Core Strength
Improved Flexibility
Reduced chance of Injury
Stronger Lower Body
Increased Vertical Jump
Improved Workout Efficiency

Benefits of Jumping Squats:
Build Strength-Speed
Build Power
Core Strength
Stronger Lower Body

Here is a quick video to show you how to perform these two moves.

Check back this week as we bring you more exercises that will help you build muscle strength to improve your diving experience.