#GekoFit: Scuplted, strong legs

Strengthening your legs is not only beneficial as a scuba diver, it is essential to keep your legs strong, sculpted and healthy.

Here are a few great exercises to do to strengthen them at home with the use of no to little equipment.

1. Single leg deadlifts – 20 x 5 per leg
2. Single leg Glute Bridges – 20 x 5 sets
3. Dumbbell Squats – 20 x 5 sets
4. Cross lunges – 20 x 5 sets

Try to use free weights wherever you can. As a scuba diver, strong legs not only help you carry your heavy equipment from shop to boat to land and back, but it also helps your kick under water, making your exertion that much less, which means you can dive for longer (less air use).

Try the workout, and let me know what you think!