The Geko Divers Gear Difference

Our Mission is to get you in the water and ensure you have so much fun, you will never stop diving.

At Geko we take Scuba Diving Seriously. We take your safety & comfort seriously, so we use only the best school gear for training purposes. The total value of equipment you will wear during any course with us is over R48 000. We don’t take shortcuts & we don’t take your life for granted.


Soft Gear – From The Bottom Up

Our fins are the latest Apeks RK3 & Aqualung Express Fins used by professionals all over the world.
Value R2950

Our boots are OceanPro, the best in the business and it fits the Apeks Fins like a glove. We have sizes 3-13 in our inventory.
Value R750

Our wetsuits are custom made, from xxs to xxxl to ensure every diver and student gets a perfect fit.
Value R3500

What you see is what you get so a proper mask is very important to us. We use IST Hunter, Hollis M4 & Aqualung Impression masks.
Value R1100 

Although the Snorkel is seen as part of the safety equipment when scuba diving, we have learned the importance of a good quality snorkel and use the ProFlex Snorkel.
Value R250 

Weight belt comfort is key when you attach weights to yourself, so we keep it simple. Custom made weights on professional grade weight belts are all we use.
Value R550

Hard Gear – The Serious Stuff

Your BCD will keep you afloat on the surface, and comfortable underwater. We want you to have the best time you can under water, so we supply you with the Xdeep Ghost BCD.
Value R12500

Diving is all about being under water. Naturally you need to breath so there is no compromise when it comes to choosing a regulator to enjoy your first breath. We will supply you with Apeks XtX40 regulators.
Valued at R15000

Diving is all about Depth and Safety. If you don’t know how deep you are or how long you have been under water, you’re not in control. We will supply you with a state of the art Aqualung i300 dive computer at all times.
Value R6500

Clean air is key to ensure a comfortable and safe diving experience. We have installed our own triple filtered compressor to fill your cylinder. Our air quality is tested independently every 6 months. All our cylinders are fitted with new Apeks valves to ensure your safety. Air has never tasted this good.
Value R6000