Full face mask flood and clear 

So many training dives, so many skills, so many predictions, thousands of casual dives yet today something happened that I never thought would. Keep training the skills will keep allive. 
The plan. Dive to 28 meters on sidemount.

Back roll of a rubber duck decent straight to 5 meters, check that all is good decent to the bottom

The equipment. Hollis sms 100, apeks black Sapphire first stages, ocean reef t diver full face mask. Two 12l steel cyl 

The dive. Back roll of the boat head down feet up, cylinders now pointing down. Breath all good exhahale all good, inhale again everything is dark. All I can see is red/brown 

The explanation. In the split second I realized there is water in my cylinder with me being upside-down the water has shot into my first stage down the hose and into my full face mask.  

The solution. I purged the reg on the mask, it cleared and I could breath but I could still not see. Swith cylinders purge again to breath clean air and not dirty water air, still could not see. Removed the mask breathed of my normal reg (necklace configuration) and washed the mask out, Replaced the mask and I could see again.

Conclusion. Know your equipment. Do your training. Keep repeating skills you learn on the course when ever you have time to practice. If you haven’t practice in the last 5 dives make time to practice.