Diving in the City?

Hi Divers of the internet, I am Jay and welcome to another #TheGekoBlog! Most of you are probably wondering how we can be such a striving dive shop while we are located 700km away from the ocean? Well what if I told you that there are plenty of open water dive sites around the city. So therefore today, I will be telling you guys a bit more about how we do our courses here in the city and how we can still have fun diving in the city!

So to start of with, we are not limited to the city. We have multiple dive destinations that are optional to you to choose from. If you are doing your course with us we will take you to a 5 meter deep pool for your training dives, which is located in Brooklyn and is called De Jong. This place is actually a show dive club however, we have combined now to become a general diving club! Your first five training dives for your open water course are conducted here and then you have the option to either finish your course with us in the ocean or in one of our open water sites here in Pretoria.

If you decide to finish your course here in Pretoria, we will take you to a location just outside of Brits which is called Miracle Waters. This is a freshwater site that used to be a quarry, however, during construction the machines hit a waterbed and is now filled to about 30 meters of water. The people then decided to place sunken objects (such as a plane, yacht, helicopter, car, etc.) underneath the surface at different depths. This attracted a lot of diving schools to come finish their open water courses in. The dive site always remains the same, however, we love practicing our dive skills and fine-tuning them using the environment around us! It’s very interesting and rewarding to go to a depth of 28 meters and to see a sunken helicopter that can be explored on the interior too (see Wreck Diving). We also offer the option to finish your course in the ocean! Just let us know and for an additional price we will take you down to the coast and finish it in the ocean.

Hopefully you are now a little more informed about how we do our courses here in the city and how we still enjoy diving in the same location. Make sure to check out our Instagram page @Gekodivers and our Facebook page “Geko Divers” to stay informed on any upcoming trips/events and new products!

Instructor Jay, Over and Out.

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