Diving equipment and gear maintenance after your holiday dives

The ocean is a magical place, but saltwater wreck havoc on diving equipment. Diving equipment and gear maintenance is essential not only to prolong the life of your scuba gear, but also for your own safety. BC, regulator, fins, mask and wetsuit is just some of the expensive equipment that can last you a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Lets dive in and have a look at how to properly take care of your dive equipment before storing it away safely.

Scuba Diving equipment and gear maintenance

As we’ve mentioned already, saltwater can really damage all of your dive equipment if you just throw all your diving equipment into a pile after a dive in the ocean. But, even if you went diving in fresh water, it’s really necessary to take care and maintain your scuba diving equipment after any dive, to avoid things like mildew growth, rot, bad smells and worst of all equipment failure.

Gear maintenance for fins, masks, snorkels and booties

After diving make sure to rinse your fins, mask and snorkel in fresh water. It doesn’t hurt if the water is lukewarm either. Make sure you give your mask, fins and snorkel a thorough rinse in the fresh water to remove any and all saltwater or saltwater residue as the salt can cause ware and tare to happen a lot quicker than simply using your scuba gear ever will. You can also use an Odor Eliminator to stop any nasty smells from growing in your gear.

Diving equipment and gear maintenance odor eliminator
Once your fins, mask and snorkels have been air dried, you can pack them away for storage. Make sure that you don’t your gear in strange positions where the fins are bent or foot pockets on fins are not squashed. Store your mask in a position where the mask skirt is not bent. If you leave your gear in bent positions for a long time they will take on a unnatural shape, resulting in difficult use, or even leaving your diving gear unusable.

Scuba diving wetsuit maintenance

Rinse your wetsuit in fresh, lukewarm water after use. Leave your wetsuit to soak in the fresh water for 15-30 minutes. Replace the water with clean freshwater and add some wetsuit shampoo. Wash your wetsuit thoroughly in warm water. This will stop your wetsuit from fading or the breaking down of the integrity of the rubbers in your wetsuit. Rinse out all the wetsuit shampoo and then hang up your wetsuit to drip dry.

Diving equipment and gear maintenance wetsuit shampoo
When storing your wetsuit it is best to let it hang freely from a wetsuit coat hanger. These specially designed coat hangers were created to stop the interior of the wetsuit to touch, ensuring that your wetsuit can completely dry and avoid the growth of mildew and bad smells.

Taking care of your BC after diving

Rinse your BC in fresh, warm water. Even better if you add some BC Life solution to the water to help rinse out your BC. Get all the air out of your BC and use your weights to submerge your BC in the BC Life water solution for 30 minutes. Drain all of the water out, and rinse all the BC Life solution off of your BC before refilling with fresh water and letting your BC soak for another five minutes.

Diving equipment and gear maintenance BC Life cleaner and conditioner

make sure that you also rinse the inside of your BC out properly. To do this, fill your BC with fresh water and drain it again two or three times to make sure you get all the dirty water out of your BC. Make sure to use dump valves to drain water out of your BC to ensure getting any salt residue that might be hiding inside your dump valves. After fully cleaning your BC, inflate it to about 50% before hanging it up to air dry away from direct sunlight.

Diving gear storage

You should store all your diving equipment in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure you can store your gear in their natural positions, as bending things out of shape might cause damage if stored away for too in an unnatural position. Things like wetsuit coat hangers are perfect for storing wetsuits and BC, without having to fold or bend.

Wetsuite coat hanger for diving equipment

Make sure your equipment is dry before storing it away, and remember that it never hurts to use some an odor eliminator when cleaning your gear to avoid funny smells the next time you use your scuba gear.

Contact Geko Divers today to get yourself a wetsuit coat hanger, BC Life shampoo, wetsuit shampoo and Odor Eliminator. Diving equipment and gear maintenance only takes a few minutes, but it will prevent plenty of hardships in the future.

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