Dive the Red Sea :: All Inclusive Experience


Package Includes:

  • Return flights JNB/CAI/HUR
  • Local Transfers
  • 12 days, 11 nights onboard 5* Liveaboard
  • Meals, Snacks, Soda water, Tonic and Beers
  • 11 Days of Diving
  • 15l Tanks
  • Weights and Nitrox
  • 1 night all inclusive 5* Hotel

Package Excludes:

  • Airport Taxes -> R4600
  • Service Charge
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Marine Park Fees -> €250

Abu Nuhas 

Abu Nuhas has four well-known wrecks: Giannis D, Carnatic, the lentil wreck and the tile wreck, all offering spectacular dives and plenty of fish life.

Wrecks offer a unique look into history, at Abu Nuhas 4 wrecks are located right next to each other in a Shipwreck Graveyard.

These ancient wrecks still hold the cargo and artifacts they were carrying, that never made it to their final destination. Open holds and structural breakages, allow us a glimpse inside allowing light into this large vessel.

These shipwrecks have become artificial reefs over the years housing many species of moray, octopus, trigger fish, crocodile fish, Scorpion Fish, and oh so many more.

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Rosalie Muller and Thistlegorm

Night dives can be superb as Gubal Island offers protected anchoring for the night. A small wreck at 8-10 meters makes for a spectacular night dive with lionfish, scorpion fish and its resident giant moray eel as well as the wreck of the Ulysses and the Rosalie Moller. Dunraven at Beacon Rock in Ras Mohamed National Park and finally the most famous wreck in the Red Sea, the Thistlegorm, at Sha’ab Ali.

The SS Thistlegorm was sunk in 1941 after being bombed by the German Luftwaffe while on a mission to deliver a cargo of ammunition and other war materials to the British troops in North Africa. The Rosalie Moller, carrying a cargo of coal, suffered the same fate just two days later.

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Salem Express

In the early 90s the Salem Express that operated as a passenger ferry was based in the port of Safaga. On the night of December 15th 1991, the day of the disaster, it was returning from the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, overloaded with vehicles and passengers returning from the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. The estimated number of passengers on board varies, as some reports indicate that on the boat traveled 578 passengers and 71 crew members, while other reports say the ship was carrying 1,600 people.

Near its final destination, Safaga, the Salem Express entered a midnight storm that became gale when the ship neared Hyndman Reef. The incredible force of the wind made the Salem Express hit the reef in the southeast creating a huge hole in the hull and driveway gates completely swamping the boat in seconds. In less than 30 minutes the ship sank to 89 feet deep, taking with it all who were in the inner compartments.

DSC1530 DSC1500 DSC1493 10897991_1558231714416601_6825320322704072840_n

The Brother Islands

Pinnacles of two undersea mountains rising from the depths of the abyss and are located about 60 miles offshore. Part of the Marine Park Islands National Park, these islands offer stunning wall diving, with the walls being covered in soft corals and forests of gorgonians, creating a kaleidoscope of ever-changing colors. They attract a diverse array of marine species and large pelagic. Large tuna, jacks and snappers cruise in the blue, accompanied by occasional hammerheads, silvertips, silky and oceanic white tip sharks and mantas. Even the rare thresher shark can be found here. Sightings of the grey reef shark are almost guaranteed on the North and South Plateau of Small Brother.

For the wreck diver, the Aida II, an Egyptian supply vessel, and the Numidia, a cargo ship, lie on the walls of the Big Brother. Both are covered in a rich growth of soft and hard corals. Marine life includes a family of Napoleon wrasse and grey reef sharks.

12115467_1665726857000419_2387068893825008807_n A_strikingly_pretty_red_Dendronephthya_at_Elphinstone_Reef_Red_Sea_Egypt_SCUBA 12308745_1670379243201847_4139606566907002545_n 13659149_1752137865025984_8140349689605568848_n

Daedalus Reef

A large, oval reef with a lighthouse and is the furthest offshore reef in the Egyptian Red Sea. Its deep walls and drop-offs offer some of the most spectacular diving to be found. Daedalus has mountainous, pristine, hard coral formations. There is also a strong chance of spotting schooling hammerheads and grey reef sharks.

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Elphinstone Reef

Sheer walls covered in soft corals, offers a likely encounter with oceanic white tip sharks. Elphinstone Reef is one of the world’s most exciting diving destinations. A few small breakers are the only visible sign that just below the sea’s surface is the summit of a subterranean mountain, rich in colourful corals and fish species, and attracting the interest of hungry barracuda, dolphins and sharks.

As you swim closer to the shallows you’ll join up with the wall covered in gorgonian fans and intricately carved with overhangs and cracks. This majestic underwater tapestry of Elphinstone is brightly coloured by purple and orange anthias, angelfish and emperors go about their daily business, and flutemouths move stealthily through the shallows.

No strangers to Elphinstone’s Southern Plateau and frequently spotted are oceanic white tip sharks, seemingly always accompanied by pilot fish. These sharks seem curious of scuba divers and often return for a surprise second look.

_DSC0531 13876497_10153624000127307_4304459101136327777_n corals37

Fury Shoal

Fury Shoals have one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the entire Red Sea. One of its main attractions is the Chinese tugboat, which sank in the 1940s.

The marine life is also really great with all the usual reef fishes of the Red Sea and various species of reef Sharks (Whitetip, Grey) and even sometimes the curious Oceanic Whitetip Shark. Pelagic fishes such Barracudas, Giant Trevallies, Dogtooth Tunas are also common in the area.

Various kinds of dive sites are available including fringing reefs, lagoons, drop-offs or wrecks are some of the options so you certainly won’t get bored here diving amongst these magnificent coral formations. A very famous dive site in The Fury Shoals is called the Dolphin Reef (Sha’ab Sataya). A pod of Dolphins is living there and can be often spotted while scuba diving or Snorkelling.

The Fury Shoals is a great diving spot if you want to avoid the crowded dive sites of the Northern Red Sea and if you look for pristine reefs with superb coral.

IMG_0281A SALEM EXPRESS 7 fish haai

Sha’ab Claudia

A small reef with lots of disturbed water at the surface and can have quite large swells in the top 5m of water. The west side of the reef has lovely hard coral formations, with stony and boulder corals cascading down to 20m like an underwater waterfall. Current will normally run from north to south and live aboards usually moor on the more sheltered south side, although surface conditions can still be rocky on the boat.

There are some reef fragments to the west which also have great hard coral, and yet more reef pieces to the south. Although the southern pieces are sparser in terms of coral growth there is some nice small marine life and in the top 5 metres the reef is densely populated with antheas.

Itinerary & Schedule

Day 1 :: 18 August 2017

  • Check in at O R Tambo (Upstairs Terminal B – EgyptAir Counter) for a 21h45 flight from Johannesburg
  • Dinner and breakfast offered onboard the flight.
  • Alcohol is not served on the flight.

Day 2 :: 19 August 2017

  • Check-in on the boat and then the fun starts, the boat will leave the marina at the same day after lunch for check dive and night dive

Day 3 to Day 11 :: 20-28 August 2017

Braai’s onboard, evening entertainment, snorkelling and watersports activities as well as a themed party!

  • Braai’s onboard
  • Evening entertainment
  • Snorkelling and watersports activities as well as a themed party!

Day 11 :: 28 August 2017

  • After doing a morning dive the boat return to Hurghada Marina for fun night out, some shopping, try some local food and have some drinks.
  • Check into a 5* Hurghada Hilton Hotel.

Day 12 :: 29 August 2017

Cairo Tour

  • We have a delicious breakfast then early flight to Cairo where you will find our agent who will take you for a fantastic tour in Cairo, and then to the airport to fly back
  • Full day Cairo tour.
  • Pyramids
  • Sphinx
  • Museum with lunch

Back to the airport to head to South Africa

Day 12 :: 29 August 2017

  • Flight departs Tuesday night from Cairo International to Johannesburg OR Tambo
  • Arrival time, Wednesday morning 7:15


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