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Hi Divers of the internet, my name is Jay and welcome to another #TheGekoBlog. Most of you have probably seen or heard some funny words, us divers, like to use and communicate with. So today I will give you guys a little more explanation and information about the terms we use!

– Pietie(s): Divemaster’s and Interns that are summoned to assist clients and employees. Usually found in the garden and easily scared by raised voices.

Example: “Can you call a Pietie to come and help?”, “I did, but they all ran away.”, “Oh! You must know by now that you must interact with them before asking!”

Gear: Scuba Diving equipment used by divers. The full kit includes Regulators and Buoyancy Control Device (BCD).

Example: “Jay, have you got all your gear packed?”, “Yes boss, must I pack your gear too?”, “No, I’m Poseidon.”

– Sorted: Signal, Orientate, Regulator, Time, Elevate, Descend. Commonly used by Instructor Candidates and Interns to show their 5 point descend procedure.

Example: Boss to Client: “Are you all sorted over there?” Pietie interrupts: “Signal, Orientate, Regulator, Time, Elevate and Descend!” Client (quietly): “What in the world…”

– Geko Gang: Secret organisation set up by all the Pietie’s. Excludes high ranking members. Once the Geko Gang is complete, chaos will follow. Advise for safety precautions before interacting.

Example: Dawie: “Ha, looks like Hano is at the doctor.” Chaz: “Phew! We will survive another day and prepare for the next attack.”, Hano (out of the blue): “Doctor is cancelled!” Chaz: “Run.”

Bootie (Juice): Neoprene “shoes” that range from varying thicknesses and are worn by divers who use open-heeled fins. Acts as a protection against cold water, rocks, sharp objects, etc. Bootie Juice is the remaining water left over in the bootie after the dive.

Example: *After the debriefing, back on the beach*, “I really need to get out of this wetsuit and my bootie’s”, *Take’s off bootie’s and turns them upside down*, “Ahhh, look at all that warm bootie juice pouring out. It must have been there since we came up after the dive.”

–  Sculling/Frog Kick: A technique usually used by cave-, sidemount– or tec-divers. It is a propulsion kick that is similar to how a frog swims underwater. This technique is much more effective than the normal Flutter-kick, since it reduces the amount of energy that is wasted, and has more force directed behind the diver, rather than above and underneath the diver. (More info coming soon)

Example: “I was so exhausted after the dive, my legs were cramping!”, “Maybe you should try the Frog-kick finning technique. This reduces the stress on your legs, knees and ankles when performed properly!”

And there we have it Divers of the Internet! These are some of the dive terms we use that you might have heard of and didn’t understand. Hopefully you have learnt a little more about our dive slang and how we interpret our dive language. Make sure to check out our Instagram page @Gekodivers and our Facebook page “Geko Divers” for any upcoming events and/or new products!

Instructor Jay, Over and Out.

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