Dirk’s Geko P.O.V. 🦎

Dirk Rautenbach:

When I first decided to be a scuba diver, it was at a DSD day with Geko. The weather was rainy and it was too cold to want to get in the water, yet the Geko’s encouraged me to try it. That’s when it all started, as I instantly fell in love with scuba diving and Geko Divers. The whole crew treated me with respect, helping me to understand the concepts of diving and master my skills. I have been interning at Geko now since the 2nd of Feb, and honestly can say that I can’t be happier. They are always here to help with studies, working with us until we are confident in our work. They never see a question as a “stupid question.” I am almost on divemaster level now, learning things from servicing, pumping cylinders, working in the shop, and of course diving. I am forever grateful for being able to intern at Geko, and especially for Dawie and the crew who helps me every step of the way. I’ll never go to or recommend another dive shop. My happiness is at Geko, they are my family I can always come back to.

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