Day 8

The start of week 2


It’s only the start of second week and I already feel like Geko is my second home! Today Dirk joined me and Ri and Jay again at De Jong diving pool for our Rescue course training. It was so so much fun! Definitely the most exhausting course though. Ri demonstrated all the skills on Jay, whereafter Dirk and I did the same. Whether Jay had to act panicked, unconcious or overexerted, we had to help him in many different approaches. Handling a diver in distress was definitely more difficult than I expected, it took me by surprise! We practiced these skills on the surface and underwater.

When we got back to the shop, we worked hard on getting all the gear clean, the gear room neat and tidy, the kitchen clean as well as all the floors in the renovating part of the shop. Wessels came to check up on our work, only to find everything spotless, which Dawie was satisfied with. Dawie is already in Umkomaas, and I can’t wait until we join in on the fun there in Durban this weekend!


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