Day 6

Diving Day 6


I spent the day at Miracle Waters with Jay and Ri-Christel. We did a skill practicing dive first, and then prepared for a client that arrived at 11. While Ri took the client out to practice his open water skills, I babysitted his children whilst Jay was busy at the braai. As soon as the client was done with his dives for the day and left, Ri, Jay and I ate and did 4 more dives. We had so much fun! We explored, did tricks and mostly just had lots of laughs, I definitely used way more cylinder air than usual with all the laughing! It was a much more chilled day, I got to know Ri and Jay so much better.

I must admit that even though I have only been diving for 6 days so far, i’m getting more and more comfortable and enjoy every single second of every dive! Deciding to dive with Geko Divers was definitely one of the best decisions I have made so far.

Miracle Water:

Ri, jay and I after the fun day of diving:



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