Day 4

Dive Day 4


Today was my fourth day at Geko Divers, and my first as a Qualified Open Water diver! I also spoke to Dawie and decided to be an official intern or “pietie” as they like to call the interns at Geko. I learned how to pump the cylinders safely today, which I found was much less complicated than it looked at first. Today Dawie gave us a thorough briefing of the day, explaining exactly what is expected of us. 

We took a break from Miracle Waters today and headed to Hillcrest again. The specific plan was to practise skills focused on the correct leg and fin movement during forward movement. And we did exactly that until all of us could give long, but strong kicks with minimum knee movement. I must admit being a swimmer before helped me a lot with this. I actually found it to be fun!

We also learned the correct way of skulling, the frog-like movement of your legs underwater which is a different but effective kicking technique. The most difficult for me today was the descending and ascending with the correct hover position, not touching the floor of the pool. But with the correct weight placement and and buoyancy I managed it. Finally, we did the tired buddy-towing up and down across the pool, which was exhausting, but fun to be towed.

One mistake I made today was to forget to fit my BCD before kitting up, it was not fun to de-kit and kit up all over again! 

Yet another successful day, I just keep loving the diving more and more by the day. I also feel like I’m becoming a part of the Geko family, thanks to their welcoming atmosphere.

Tired diver-towing:

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