Day 2

Dive Day Two


Tuesday, 30 January 2018.

I am now done with my confined water dives, and it was time for the open water! Arriving at 8:30, I helped the crew to sort out the gear and pack the Combi, learning to do so correctly so the cylinders are stacked safely for the drive. After a long drive we arrived at Miracle Waters near Brits. Here we dived in a huge man-made hole, filled with cars, helicopters and a variety of other sunken objects to look at. Oh, and there were actual fish, so it was much more fun than the swimming pool!

After unpacking the Combi, kitting up, gearing up, doing our safety checks and pre-dive briefing, we entered the beautiful and warm water of Miracle. Ri took Dirk and I, that are doing our Open Water courses, to dive. Whilst Jay, Aldo and Devin who are more qualified, went together to practise their particular course’s skills. 

We did our BWRAF first, which I learned was extremely important as my BCD wasn’t connected, and I had to fix it before diving. Descending the first time was a little overwhelming. There was no longer a swimming pool floor underneath me, but rather a much deeper amount of water! Ri did a great job and kept us calm whilst taking us to a grid in the quarry to practise skills. We did two dives of ±35mins each, to about 12m deep, resting in between the dives. 

After the dives we had time to relax and chat as we waited for the wetsuits to dry, before heading back at about 3.

I can’t wait to dive in the ocean, because the Miracle Waters quarry was already a truly amazing experience!

Aldo at Miracle Waters:

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