Day 13



Yet another nice early morning. After our wake-up coffee we helped the tec divers get ready for their dive, as it takes a lot of work to kit up their gear. Once they were off diving, we kitted up our own gear and placed it on the launch pads for our dive. 

Our dive went a bit off course 😂 Us pietie’s didn’t descend down the buoyline or the same time as the rest and thus we lost the group, including our dive master and instructor. On top of that the visibility was very bad today, so we could see even less than usual. We did stay calm though, because we remembered our training and used it to eventually find the rest of the group. The dive was still fun, and we learned a valuable lesson. Plus, if that should ever happen again, we would have the reassurance that we not only know how to handle the situation, but that we have managed it before.

Afterwards, I experienced a bit of a bend from the unorganized ascending in the chaos from the dive, but it could’ve been worse. Overall today’s diving was full of lessons, definitely something we will remember and learn out of. It makes you a better diver at the end of the day as well.

After a good nap, we headed to Umkomaas Primary School for the Project AWARE and shark conservation event. I was really shook by Lesley Rochat’s speech about shark finning and the danger humans are to sharks. So much that I would definitely consider being a part of her projects or just overall doing effort to save sharks, as I have always loved them and all other sea mammals. It was a major privilege to listen to Lesley and just to be at the event with the diving community, one that really influenced my approach towards diving. I realised that I can use my diving for so many good deeds, other than just instructing, once I get my IDC of course.

So far Umkomaas was amazing, I can’t believe we have to leave tomorrow, time really flew by. 

Kitting up:

AWARE conference with Lesley Rochat:

Geko and Blue ocean family:



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