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Trip Alert! Sodwana (20 – 24 September 2019)

Sodwana Bay lies on the northern coast of South Africa. It is South Africa’s first World Heritage site and is home to the southernmost coral reefs in Africa. It is Scuba Diving Shangri-La. The Indian ocean is soothingly warm and the beaches are covered with scuttling crabs. Scuba-diving in Sodwana Bay is Finding Nemo in […]

Sea Turtles in South African Waters

The majestic creatures we all strive to see.   Did you know that there are only seven species of sea turtles in the Earth’s seas? If you live to see a turtle on a dive you’ll be pleased to know that five of these seven species of turtles can be found in waters surrounding South […]

Geko Divers Scuba Diving Trips 2019

We are almost half way through the year. I hope making this statement doesn’t cause too much shock. I had some mixed feelings after realizing this. Most of us start a year off with a plan, with a list of things we want to accomplish or do by the end of it. We measure our worth […]