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#GekoFit: Scuplted, strong legs

Strengthening your legs is not only beneficial as a scuba diver, it is essential to keep your legs strong, sculpted and healthy. Here are a few great exercises to do to strengthen them at home with the use of no to little equipment. 1. Single leg deadlifts – 20 x 5 per leg 2. Single […]

#GekoFit: Abtastic HIIT

Today’s video focusses on the abdominal muscles to improve the core. I’ve thrown in a few HIIT exercises in between ab sets to keep your heart rate up and metabolism roaring! Do the exercises in the below sequence with no to limited rest (20 seconds at most). Mountain Climbers x 20 reps NO REST Arm […]

#GekoFit: Leg Strengthening & Stretching

Stretching your muscles is an integral part of keep them healthy. Stretching helps improve flexibility to increase your range of motion, it improves your posture, it could decrease the chances of injury, and it increases blood and nutrient supply to the muscles. Here are two stretching and strengthening exercises for your legs.  MariskaFit

Wiseman Wednesday

With all the travelling, diving and interaction with people I get to do every day, I see, hear and experience things that most people have no idea ever happen. So I’ve decided to write them down and post them every Wednesday for your entertainment. Important things that I should teach people: We went for two fun 100 […]

#GekoFit: Abs & Legs HIIT

Here is today’s #GekoFit workout – let’s start making these a little more difficult, shall we? This workout focusses on the abdominal muscles (core) and the legs. It is a High Intensity Interval Training workout, which means you’ll burn fat in during and after the workout too! Do each exercise with the allocated number of […]

#GekoFit: Hydration

How does dehydration affect divers? I am sure you have heard this many times before, but just in case you haven’t – the human body is made up of 70% water. Everyone knows that being dehydrated is bad for you, but how does this relate to scuba diving? Studies have shown that even a slight […]

#GekoFit: Healthier Food Alternatives

Changing your eating habits to live a healthier lifestyle that will benefit your diving experience is not that difficult. You simply need to make healthier choices when it comes to what you Here are a few healthier alternatives to your favourtie foods: Let me know if you have any other favourite foods and I’ll […]