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Once you go Sidemount, You never go back!

Hi Divers of the Internet, my name is Jay and welcome to another #TheGekoBlog. As many of you have probably seen, we name our Sundays, #SidemountSundays. This is because on Sundays we like to take out our own Geko’s and go on a fun dive at either Miracle Waters or De Jong swimming pool to […]

Why over-complicating diving is not to your advantage

As an instructor that has worked with many students over the past couple of years, I firmly believe that most divers would agree with me on the fact that after you got qualified as a scuba diver (whether entry-level, advanced or further), you had to explain the basics of scuba diving to someone that is […]

Diving with unicorns

We’ve all read the horror stories and we all know about mister Murphy. However, this past weekend, I had a visit from the monster himself. I was diving with an Ocean Reef full face mask (that I think kept me alive), on a two cylinder sidemount setup. The dive commenced as normal and everyone got down to […]