#GekoFit: At-home HIIT Workout

As a diver, you want your resting heart rate to be as low as possible, especially if you are free diving, right? It all comes down to; the fitter and healthier you are, the better diving experience you will have – simple as that. High intensity Interval Training consists of short, intense bursts of exercise […]

#GekoFit: 5 Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle

We’ve said it before: the healthier and fitter you are, the better your diving experience will be. An active lifestyle and a nourished body benefits you as a diver in so many ways. Being active and exercising regularly does not mean that you are healthy. It goes a little further than just burning calories. In addition to […]

#GekoFit: Squats and Jumping Squats

Squats and Jumping Squats to Strengthen Legs for Diving When exercising the legs to keep them strong for scuba diving it is important to develop  muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.  The legs must be versatile for diving activities which place unique demands on the body.  Most leg exercises train more than one muscle group with […]


Who is #GekoFit? #GekoFit is the joint project of Dawie the fit diver, and MariskaFit, the fitness fanatic and wannabe mermaid. What is #GekoFit? Scuba diving is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. Anyone can sign up for a PADI course, and they’ll be in the water in no time. Scuba diving […]

Getting Technical in Egypt

I have recently had the privilege to do some diving with Team Blue Immersion in Dahab, Egypt. Team Blue Immersion (TBI) is a world-renowned enterprise and it’s members are considered to be some of the best technical instructors in the world. With them I did a TDI (Technical Diving International) Extended Range course over the […]

PADI instructor course

PADI INSTRUCTOR TRAINING I want to be an instructor  A PADI Instructor is the most sought after professional in the scuba diving industry and jobs can be found all around the world. In the current tough economic times you could also supplement your income by becoming a part time instructor. At any given time, there […]

Washing Dive cylinders

When washing your dive Cylinders always remember to remove the boot and net and wash them separately.  The Sand inside the boot after it was washed without removing the boot  Wash the cylinders and dry them separately  The sand still stuck to the net after it was washed without removing the boot. Wash the net […]

It’s all about the Dive

Lets start this with the PUNCH LINE We bought another 8561 meticas worth of petrol drove 39.7KM straight into the ocean and dived into the Purple blue waters of the Benguela current onto a reef that no other human has ever dived before! It all started back in Pretoria December 19 2014. The car was […]

Oceanic VTX – The rarest dive computer in SA

Be one of only 3 people in South Africa to own a VTX in 2014 R16 000 complete with transmitter OCEANIC VTX READY, SET, DIVE. The future of personal dive computers powered by OLED color display and Bluetooth technology has arrived. Oceanic is proud to introduce the VTX. With an easy-to-use interface, amazing readability, powerful features, […]


PLEASE NOTE: THESE SPECIALS HAVE EXPIRED. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR CURRENT PRICING. Hey Geko Fans. As promised, we’re running these amazing Dive Computer specials only until the 20th of December 2014! You’ll never see these prices again, and if you’ve been holding off for the right computer, now’s the time to go for it. We […]