Best last minute Christmas present – Waterproof torch

We know exactly how it goes, the holiday shopping period is a rush and sometimes you end up with at least one person that you didn’t find the perfect gift for. Never fear Geko Divers is here to help you be the ultimate last minute Santa Clause! Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a waterproof torch?

Waterproof Tortch

Your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else you know will love having a torch that they can not only braai with, but also dive with. There are three torches to choose from and each one comes with batteries and a charger. That’s right, these waterproof torches are rechargeable.

Waterproof Tortch

Everyone need a torch from time to time and having a torch that you can also use when diving to see into those dark reef alcoves will make any dive a cooler experience.

Contact us now and get the ultimate last minute present today. Our shop is open till 14:00.

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