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Learning Scuba: Get Individual Attention

Learning to Scuba Dive can easily be one of the best things you’ll do in life. Not only will you learn how to breathe under water, but you’ll equip yourself with the skills needed to explore some of the most amazing under water spots in the world. Honestly, life will never be the same for […]

ATKV Posties kry duiklesse by Geko Divers

Geko Divers het onlangs die kans gehad om ‘n spul Posties van ATKV Postmatriek te leer duik as deel van hul skoolverlaters avontuur. Hierdie is deel een van ‘n reeks oor duik saam met die groep jongmense. Duiklesse Maandagoggend nog voor ontbyt het elke Postie vir hom-/haarself ‘n BCD, wetsuit, regulator, fins, booties en ‘n masker […]

Emma – Good Open Water diver in a small package

A post by Marc, one of our diving instructors. When Dawie had told all the instructors to write this blog, I had a really difficult time to pick a favourite student. It’s not that there weren’t any, all of the students I have taught thus far all hold a special place in my heart for […]

Oom Fanie setting the Open Water pace

A post by Niki, one of our diving instructors. The second student that stood out will, as promised, speak for itself when he is introduced. His name is Oom Fanie and I hope that these words do Oom Fanie the justice that this legend deserves! First Scuba Diving Course: Open Water Oom Fanie did his […]

Diver, Diver, I trained a Rescue Diver

This blog post was written by Jan, one of the Geko Divers instructors. When I did the PADI Rescue Diver course everyone said that it is one of the most fun and rewarding courses you will ever do, and I agree. Not only do you learn how to be a better buddy by practicing problem […]

Lucky Ntuli – The student becomes the Divemaster

A post by Niki, one of our diving instructors. As a scuba diving instructor you are introduced to many extraordinary experiences, including travel, adventure, many wonderful hours underwater and of course the great variety of genuinely real and fun people you meet along the way. These are the people that share these experiences with you […]