Air fills for PCP Air Rifles in Pretoria East

You don’t need to be a diver to benefit from visiting us. Geko Divers has something to offer all the great outdoors lovers.

300 Bar PCP, Airgun, airfill, refill

PCP air rifles (Pre-Charged Pneumatics) use compressed air to propel pellets. The gun has a tank that holds the compressed air. It is filled using either a hand pump, scuba cylinder or carbon fiber cylinder. The growing demand of cylinder use to fill PCP guns leaves their owners with the predicament of finding places that can refill them. Air rifle enthusiasts can have their cylinders filled in our shop. We can fill cylinders up to 300 bar pressure at R100 per fill. We also supply standard Refill stations (cylinder to gun fittings) and we can also assist you with building a fill station for your rifle if the standard units don’t fit your gun.

MK1 DIN Valve fill station

Hydrostatic testing and visuals

If you own a compressed air cylinder you are aware that they need to be maintained properly to ensure their safety. You can hand your cylinders in at Geko Divers for their annual visual inspections and hydrostatic tests (performed every 4 years). Hydrostatic tests are performed on cylinders to ensure their strength and to make sure they don’t leak. If we take your cylinder in for a visual or hydro the price includes an air fill. We have cylinders for hire should you need a replacement while your cylinder is in for maintenance.

If you’re wondering why you need to have your cylinders tested have a look at this video:

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