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Top 100 Dive Sites on Earth: Part 4

GO EXPLORE! Wondering where to go for your next diving trip? We have done the research for you and compiled a list of the top 100 dive sites on Earth. Deciding where to go first, now that’s up to you. (Part 4)   Layang Layang (near Borneo) Malaysia Layang Layang is a little jewel in the South China Sea. It is an […]

Trip Alert! Sodwana (20 – 24 September 2019)

Sodwana Bay lies on the northern coast of South Africa. It is South Africa’s first World Heritage site and is home to the southernmost coral reefs in Africa. It is Scuba Diving Shangri-La. The Indian ocean is soothingly warm and the beaches are covered with scuttling crabs. Scuba-diving in Sodwana Bay is Finding Nemo in […]