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Ocean reef IDM

Very true words from the president of ocean reef yesterday about using underwater communication units: yes you don’t want to hear talking all the time bu. when you go into the mountains you take communication with. When people fly they take communication with, when they go into remote areas they take communication with, but when […]

#GekoFit: A Healthier Lifestyle – Food

What is healthy eating? As I’ve mentioned in our previous A Healthier Lifestyle post, your mindset is your most important tool if you want to live healthier. It all starts from the inside; once you have changed your mindset, you are set to implement healthier changes. The first step is to remove all processed food […]

#GekoFit: Leg Strengthening Exercises

As a diver, you use your legs for carrying heavy equipment, and getting on and off the diving boat. But most importantly, you use your legs to propel your body as you dive; fighting currents and controlling your movements. Therefore, the stronger your legs are, the better. Here are a few leg strengthening exercise that […]

#GekoFit: a Healthier Lifestyle – Changing your Mindset

In order to become healthier, you will have to change your lifestyle. Crash diets, juice cleanses and the likes, don’t work. If you really want to be healthy, lose weight and become fit, you will have to make a permanent change in the way you live your life. And the first step to changing your […]

#GekoFit: At-home HIIT Workout

As a diver, you want your resting heart rate to be as low as possible, especially if you are free diving, right? It all comes down to; the fitter and healthier you are, the better diving experience you will have – simple as that. High intensity Interval Training consists of short, intense bursts of exercise […]

#GekoFit: 5 Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle

We’ve said it before: the healthier and fitter you are, the better your diving experience will be. An active lifestyle and a nourished body benefits you as a diver in so many ways. Being active and exercising regularly does not mean that you are healthy. It goes a little further than just burning calories. In addition to […]

#GekoFit: Squats and Jumping Squats

Squats and Jumping Squats to Strengthen Legs for Diving When exercising the legs to keep them strong for scuba diving it is important to develop  muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.  The legs must be versatile for diving activities which place unique demands on the body.  Most leg exercises train more than one muscle group with […]


Who is #GekoFit? #GekoFit is the joint project of Dawie the fit diver, and MariskaFit, the fitness fanatic and wannabe mermaid. What is #GekoFit? Scuba diving is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. Anyone can sign up for a PADI course, and they’ll be in the water in no time. Scuba diving […]