PADI woman’s day

Tomorrow 18 July 2015 is the PADI woman’s dive day which is to get as many woman divers to be in the water on the same day to create awareness for the sport of scuba diving.

We decided to speak to the 3 ladies who work on our professional team and are an integral part of teaching team showing our students the art of scuba diving and creating great divers.

First up is…. Nicolette “Nini”  Kapp  – OWSI


Nicolette started diving in 2010 in Margate and after completing her advanced and rescue she joined the Geko family and became an instructor in 2011 and has been with us since.

She has taught  the art of scuba in Umkomaas, Mozambique and also taught at the annual ATKV gap year at Sterkfontein Dam.

Her favourite dive spot is Cathedral in Aliwal.

The sweetheart of the Geko family and our highest qualified beach bum around.

Whilst her masters in Cellular Physiology takes up most of her brain power, it’s diving that holds her heart.

If she is not studying, working or teaching people to dive then you will be more than likely to find her on an adventure leading dives in Umkomaas on the world renowned Aliwal Shoal, in Malongane on Mozambique’s beautiful coast line or in Port St Johns for the Annual Sardine run.

Nicolette or “Nini” is an Open Water Scuba Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor, as well as a Nitrox Instructor which means if you want to spend more time with the fish then she will help you do it. She is also certified in Neuroscience sport vision testing and training to improve overall physical performance.

Her bubbly nature and fun loving ways combined with her passion for diving are very evident in the courses she teaches. She loves to share her knowledge and experience and will take you where you want to be.

“Live life fearlessly, with no regrets”

Next up is Bekka Christ aka “The organic German” – OWSI


Bekka started diving in 2009 and fell in love with the sport and never looked back. She Is Both a PADI and SSI Instructor and has taught and dived all over the world including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Red Sea,  and of course our beautiful country South Africa.

She has also done PADI technical training to  40, 45, and 50 meters and is currently doing her technical side mount training.

She started diving with the Geko Divers crew in 2013 when she came to travel through South Africa and joined us at the PADI Scuba Rally held at Miracle Waters.

She returned again in 2014 to teach at the annual ATKV gap year scuba training at Sterkfontein Dam.

Her favourite dive spots are Richelieu Rock in the Similan Islands, Thailand for recreational diving and The Arch in the Blue Hole in Dahab for technical diving.

Bekka: In 2009 I planned a 3 month backpack tour through south-east Asia but only came back home after 2 years. How did that happen? I blame diving. When I started diving it was love at first sight. It felt natural to me to breathe underwater, to be weightless and to be a very small visitor at something big, that only very few people get to see – the world below. So for me the decision was easy to go all the way from open water diver to instructor.

I love diving coz it suits my personality. I am calm and very relaxed, that`s why I´m so attracted to the silence below the surface. When I`m not teaching, diving is quality time with myself, all problems and issues disappear and I´m in my element, my happy place. Diving puts this huge smile on my face, that only very few other things or people do.

Also diving puts the world into perspective. Without the oceans with all its organisms we would not be. If you don’t respect the ocean, you don’t respect life. Deep down you can learn all the things you need to know in life. For me this most important lesson was this: stick to a couple of rules, be responsible and anything becomes possible.

Next up is….Sasha-Lee Hayward – DM


Sasha started diving with Geko about 6 years ago but joined the professional team at Geko this year assisting in all the courses we teach. As an instructor it is always good to have a Dive Master in the water with you to assist and to make sure that you can deliver the the best possible training and create great diving habits in your students.

Her favourite dive spot is Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania but also loves Aliwal South Africa.

Sasha: I started diving at the age of 12. It was an awesome way for my dad and I to add something to the list of things we do together aside from cycling and so on. I have also always had a great love for the ocean and the idea that diving allows you to explore 10% of the 70% of the world that is actually unexplored was incredible to me.

I have recently completed my Dive Master course – I have not done any specialities yet but I am definitely looking into side mount and wreck diving. As a Dive Master, I have the great opportunity to help introduce people to diving and to assist some amazing instructors from whom I have learned a lot. Scuba diving truly is a great way to learn responsibility and discipline, it gives you the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and it is just great fun.

As Geko Divers we want to honour the ladies that help us in the teaching the amazing art of scuba diving and we hope that they will inspire other ladies in South Africa and around the world to start diving and experience a world like no other.